Trump Vs Clinton

If Donald Trump wins the presidential elections, I think the world had better be ready for some radical changes. Trump is quite the character and is unabashed in his attitude, views and brash words. He promises to ban all Muslims from entering the US, build physical and metaphorical “walls” to protect Americans and keep out undesirable foreigners. He is also pro-life. I think he will run America as though it is his company, yet he is the trump card of chance and possibility.

If Hillary Clinton wins the elections, what would that mean for America? Some parts of her vision include strong pro-choice abortion laws, attempts to end substance abuse and gun violence in America, a green America that will be the clean energy superpower of the 21st century and a fairer campaign finance reform which will amplify the voice of the everyday American. It all sounds good and well and I think that compared to Trump, Hillary seems to be the voice of reason and security.

But will either president be able to implement their vision and carry out all their promises to Americans? Nonetheless, the 8th of November will be a landmark watershed day in America’s history.


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